Searching for an appropriate psychologist, can feel like an overwhelming task at the best of times and if you add to that some of the psychological jargon, like Psychodynamic, Gestalt, Systemic, Psychosynthesis and Transactional Analysis, just to name a few, the search can get distressing and confusing. Unless you are in the field of psychology, you will most certainly not know what most of the psychological terms and therapy names refer to, which would leave you with two choices:
1. Spending time in researching different types of therapies to try and figure out which one might be suitable for you personally or
2. Taking a chance.
Unfortunately, both options come with problems.
Option 1. Researching would be taking up a huge chunk of your time and energy and with the many models of therapy available, (on the funny side) it will almost guarantee you a degree at the end of it!! Although you might gain a theoretical and far better understanding of what therapy model suits a certain condition, it would still be hard for you understand what the appropriate therapy related to your condition does actually feel like, for example, when you’re in a room experiencing that approach.
Option 2. The gamble. It is possible that by following your gut you might get lucky and pick the therapist that is a great fit to help you with your condition, however, as we all know, gambling has also the unlucky side of it, where you might end up not only losing time and money hoping to find the right therapist, but also you might end up developing a series of disappointing experiences that might not necessarily help with your condition either.
Here at The Wholefulness Practice, our mission is to help you to understand your options and to quickly refer you to the right therapist who will help with your condition, based on your unique needs and goals. What we guarantee is the peace of mind to know that every psychologist working within The Wholefulness Practice is thoroughly qualified and chosen to ensure high standards of training, experience, therapy with the assurance that all therapists are members of official regulating bodies of ethics and conduct.