COVID-19 has had a significant impact upon the world and upon us as individuals, down to the very way we operate in the world.


As we begin to hunker down and find a new normal amidst the worry and confusion of the Pandemic, we are all faced with how much things have changed. One of the many things to have changed is therapy. With the ever-present necessity of staying home as much as possible, to decrease the spread of the virus, online communication is fast becoming the new and necessary normal. Therefore, video calls are now the most accessible form of therapy worldwide.


The down-side of therapy moving to an online forum is that it’s no longer as easy to sit opposite one another in a room. However, the up-side is that the many miles and oceans that have previously divided us are no longer such an obstacle.
The Pandemic has forced us all to pause in our own way. And with so many closures and limitations of our previous pleasures, leisure and entertainment, there are suddenly vastly fewer distractions left available to us. This means that many of the things we may have been avoiding by keeping occupied have nowhere left to hide and ultimately, we are forced to spend more time with ourselves and with these issues, which we can no longer avoid. This rapid transition can leave us feeling like we’ve been thrown into a place that we just weren’t prepared for. Though things might feel overwhelming, know that you are not alone.

We at The Wholefulness Practice are a team of highly skilled psychologists, who are here to support you. All it takes is an email from you to start the ball rolling. Once we receive your email, we can discuss what you’re looking for and match you with a great therapist to begin your journey with.


We are a London, UK based Practice, governed by UK jurisdiction, but due to the online movement, we are now opening up our services to include overseas clients. From across the oceans we welcome you to our services and are happy to serve you through these unprecedented and difficult times.

Note: We only work with clients who are self-funding and do not work with insurance